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LOCATION Xi'an, China
CLIENT Xi'an Government
SIZE 2,300 m2

The Xi'an Hotel will pride itself on the individuality of each hotel room - each with  seasonal and orientational differences.

The design is based on individual flowers that offer a unique sensual and visual experience for its guests:

January - Winter Jasmine

February - Camellia

March - Orchid

April - Peach Blossom

May - Rose

June - Gardenia

July - Lotus

August - Jasmine

September - Sweet Osman

October - Chrysanthemum

November - Narcissus

December - Calyx canthus

The bespoke accommodation is 'sown' into the terraced landscape at Xi'an. The hotel will act as the welcome point for guests on their arrival within a wider landscape, named "The Flow of Loess". Parking will be located away from the hotel to preserve the wonderful views and flowering gardens.