project name

Designed in 2014

Client: Confidential

Contract Value: Confidential

Size: 60,000 m2


Planning submitted in 2016

Client: Confidential

Contract Value: Confidential

This scheme was initiated as a result of TfL and Hounslow Borough Council's desire to move a bus depot currently in Brentford town centre, to make way for a new school. The site in Capital Interchange Way was chosen as best location for a new depot and potentially as a development to signpost arrival into London via the M4, as it is highly visible from the motorway. All Design were appointed to develop a proposal which includes 550 new homes, business pods, offices as well as the bus depot and its associated facilities. 

Backed by Hounslow Council, the project on the 84ha site is being billed as a 'significant part' of the renaissance of the Golden Mile - the industry-lined stretch of the Great West Road running west from the boundary with Chiswick to the Sky campus. 

Our aim is to make a positive contribution to the Golden Mile which, broadly speaking, follows the M4 section of the motorway, and is a gateway to London for millions of people each year. 

The requirement for the bus depot was of primary importance and led the team to design a mixed-use development that includes recreational facilities and a park, carefully designed around the constraints of a harsh roadside environment; thus creating both a transport and community hub. Furthermore we aim to establish an exemplar of environmental engineering, by re-using water and heat to supply the needs of people living and working locally. 

Almost a century ago, the Golden Mile headquartered the forefront of an infant automotive industry in buildings that have since remained architectural icons, not by assuming the standard but by setting it, making life better for those inhabiting or simply experiencing them. Our ethos is 'to make life better' and this project is an exceptional opportunity to put that into practice. We are looking forward to working closely with Hounslow Council and have undertaken significant consultation with local community groups to realise this ambition.

The scheme was submitted for detailed planning in November 2016.