project name

LOCATION Haikou, China
CLIENT Silver Assets
SIZE 1,177,000m2

Will Alsop's proposal for Haikou aims to create a place where people can romantically celebrate the history of the region and enjoy living a new contemporary lifestyle by the sea. This vision is created through an iconic strip at ground, first and second floor levels. Walkways meander through a series of vibrantly coloured objects which house activities such as swimming, nightclubs, gyms, libraries, restaurants and shopping. The style of architecture used along these walkways is like nothing ever seen in Haikou, and intended to promote it as a city of the future.

Rising up out of this strip of activity are a series of towers which contain hotels, offices and apartments. A series of handsomely designed mid-rise towers lead towards Alsop's iconic high-rise tower at the northern end of the site. This tower uses three skins to appear to shimmer like a mirage. From the inner coloured glass skin protrude hundreds of balconies. These first puncture a perforated skin made from translucent coloured corian, then meet an outer skin clad in stainless steel mesh. These three skins blur the definition of the tower and makes the viewer curious as to it's shape and form. The skins are also very practical, acting as buffers so that whatever the season, it's residents can use different parts of the balcony to enjoy external amenity space protected from the weather. The towers adaptable triple-skin façade system will optimize the energy efficiency and sustainability of the building, by enabling the users to manually control levels of natural ventilation. The design implements a sustainable strategy as one of the most fundamental design criteria for this tower. The strategies and solutions include double-skin façade, controllable natural ventilation with climatic sensor system, optimize sunshade devices integrated with the architecture and modularized segments to provide flexibility and sustainability for use of the tower.