project name

CLIENT Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company
SIZE 250,000 m2

The Fusion Quarter neighbourhood, within the Masdar City development in Abu Dhabi, will be developed in six phases and consists of 240,000m2 gfa residential/mixed use neighbourhood with a strong emphasis on leisure and recreational facilities, thus providing an optimal work-life balance.

A carbon-neutral community, the Fusion Quarter will be a welcoming environment for an international population where all cultures will be represented through the retail and leisure offering, making the area a focal point for the whole of Masdar City. The unique selling point of this neighbourhood is that all aspects of daily life, for both the professional and their families, has been carefully considered; this quality-orientated living experience will be a key retaining point and will help prospective business tenants build a competitive and stable work force in the region.

Utilizing a cost-efficient modular construction methodology, the design strikes a balance between ease of construction and diversity of offer, through a sophisticated system of building components and room modules that can be arranged in a wide array of combinations.