project name

LOCATION Middlesbrough, UK
CLIENT Bioregional Quintain
SIZE 900 hectares
PHASE 1 IN 2008

2007 MIPIM Future Projects Awards

Greater Middlehaven has been the subject of a wide range of development framework and technical studies since 1998. In being appointed by Tees Valley Regeneration in September 2003, Alsop's brief has been to build on this work in order to create a new Vision for Greater Middlehaven that will inspire and excite and firmly establish the area as a waterfront destination of international significance. 

The Delivery Plan will regenerate and re-position not only the town of Middlesbrough but also the whole Tees Valley Corridor, providing the impetus for a comprehensive approach to the whole area. Providing as the essential starting point a groundbreaking piece of design for the 250 acre site, the Delivery Plan crucially also provides the framework which will enable these ideas to be implemented and carried through to realisation. Our market appraisals show that the proposed developments are commercially viable within three major phases, and the approach required to secure the assessed costs involved are clearly outlined within this document. Through our Developer Workshops we are beginning to put in place a powerful delivery vehicle based upon co-operation rather than competition, thereby ensuring that best use of the site is always the solution of choice.

The brave, beautiful Middlehaven existing landscape is inhabited by a series of massive objects: the Clock Tower, travelling cranes, Riverside Stadium, the Transporter Bridge over the River Tees and big barns where North Sea oil rigs were constructed. 

The Alsop response was to create a beautiful landscape, which over the generation that a masterplan takes to implement, would be populated by buildings including new offices, housing and a new location for Middlesbrough College that would fulfill people's dreams of prosperity and a better life. 

A series of new and extraordinary objects sit proudly in the landscape in play with the existing elements. What these buildings would eventually look like was not for the designers to say or impose, and what has been represented here is merely a forward glance into the future. Underpinning all this work and imagery in the creation of the vision for Greater Middlehaven are depths of thinking and creativity that will ensure that the Tees Valley fulfills its regeneration vision and dream. 

The 2,400 home development is proposed to take part in three stages and BioRegional Quintain are the developers for phase one, which centres on the dock side and a new £70 million, 20,000 student Middlesbrough College. As part of Alsop's overall masterplan for the waterfront area, Middlehaven Phase 1 has outline planning permission to provide over 750 homes, a 120 bedroom hotel, 250,000 sq. ft of offi ce space, 150,000 sq.ft retail / leisure facilities and 40,000 sq.ft of entertainment space. BioRegional Quintain's commitment to Middlehaven Dock, recently cemented through a development agreement with English Partnerships, is to integrate the holistic set of ten "One Planet Living Principles"* into the design, construction, operation and long term management of the new community. This will mean that at 1,000,000 sq. ft. Middlehaven Docks will be the UK's largest zero carbon mixed use development and will set new standards in European regeneration.

BioRegional Quintain's vision is to create a new community which enables residents to lead sustainable lifestyles from day one and into the future. 

Phase 1 is now partially complete, with Middlehaven College's new campus having opened in 2008, and the Terrace Hill mixed-use development next to the Riverside Stadium now open.