project name

LOCATION Qinghai, China
CLIENT Xi Ning Forestry Council
SIZE 400 hectares

The tract of land under exploration lies in a beautiful, but little well-known, part of China. It is rich in history and culture and has the capacity to become a major attractor for both the Chinese nation and the international visitor. It must also be relevant to the local population.

We have made a heart to the project. This large area of land requires a focus to act as an arrival and orientation point. This place must be inspiring and memorable. It is here that we have turned one of the valleys into a covered experience with a rich variety of experience. This is the body of the dragon. Not only does it allow use through all the seasons, it also acts as an introduction to the centre of the landscape, the DRAGON'S HEAD, which is the hotel. From the head, all equipment is available for the exploration of the land whether it be golf, horses, bicycles etc. We felt it important to not reveal the view of the external nature until the visitor has travelled sufficiently far from the more URBAN environment. They will leave their cars at the edge of site and either walk or ride on a cable car to the 'head' as a destination and external gateway.

The body will house sports, including a swimming beach, as well as culture, entertainment and the gardens of the world. There will be a variety of routes through it, including the SILK ROAD, the YELLOW RIVER and references to the GOD FROG, SUN & MOON Mountain and the HE HUANG CULTURAL history. With two hotels and a holiday village we recommend that the whole facility is developed not only as a place of regional importance but also NATIONAL and INTERNATIONAL. It must be realized with taste and not confused with the kitsch of Disneyland. It must reflect and promote the dignity of the landscape it is on and the beauty of the area. The experience of the place should have a heavenly quality and be a location where people are simply happy to be.