project name

LOCATION Qinghai, China
CLIENT Xi Ning Forestry Council
SIZE 400 hectares

This tract of land lies in a beautiful and little-known part of China. It is rich in history and culture and has the potential to become a major attractor for residents of China and tourists, whilst retaining a relevance to the local population.

We have created a heart - a large area of land requires a focus to generate a sense of arrival. The environment should be inspiring and memorable. We have transformed one of the valleys into a sheltered space enabling year-round use; this is the 'body' of the dragon and acts as a gateway to the DRAGON'S HEAD hotel. From here, there is a range of ways to explore the land be that on foot, by horse or bicycle. Cars are parked on the fringes of the site and visitors can walk or take a cable car to the hotel.


The dragon's 'body' will house sports activities including a swimming lake and beach. There will be cultural entertainment and a variety of 'world' gardens. A number of routes can be taken to navigate the landscape; the SILK ROAD, the YELLOW RIVER, the GOD FROG and SUN & MOON Mountain are rooted in HE HUANG cultural history and will encourage varied flora and wildlife.