For aLL Design, it is never another dull day at the office. The defining project of Will Alsop's early career was the Hotel du Department at Marseilles, which remains a grand project of the first order in French architecture. It is an epic building by any reckoning.

The Dusseldorf Colorium Tower optimizes a narrow plot and introduces a well mannered and culturally aware vertical element to the revived waterside. Palestra, the home of London's transport administration, introduces a high quantum of development to a low rise quarter of South London but its size is relieved by window patterning and the screening of its upper floors in reflective materials.

aLL Design is fully convinced that instead of purely focusing on the design features of offices upstairs, we should also be looking at the ground level, how the building interacts and interfaces with the street and surrounding landscape. Testbed1 has shown in recent years that this can be a successful concept.