project name

LOCATION Dusseldorf
CLIENT Ibing Immobilien Handel & Co. Hochhaus
SIZE 18 storey office block
YEAR 2002

This development on the waterfront of Dusseldorf's revivified harbor was designed as a commercial project for Ibing Immobilien Handel & Co. Hochhaus, but it is also playing an integral part in the regeneration programme that is progressively transforming Dusseldorf's disused port and dock area into a Media Harbour.

Located on an extremely constricted site (formerly a waterfront silo) and adjacent to a Listed building, the 'Colorium' is a perfect example of how modern architecture can retain its vibrancy whilst respecting and even enhancing previous structures. The treatment of the façade, an intricate patchwork of coloured glass, transforms what could be a conventional office into a towering mosaic artwork.