Ned Drury

Ned Drury

Architectural Designer

Ned joined aLL Design in 2014 after completing his MA in Architecture at the Royal College of Art. He is currently designing a complex mixed use scheme in Brentford, combining student, commercial and affordable residential, offices, retail and bus depot. The scheme uses an unusual cladding design to create curved forms to the buildings.

While at the RCA, Ned was awarded a distinction for his research in architecture and literature and the ideas surrounding 'worldbuilding' - the practice of designing alternate realities. Similar to creating a scientific model or experiment, Ned built these new worlds to explore specific design problems. His final thesis involved the creation of a United Kingdom entirely dependent on renewable energy, which he explored through writing, mapping, drawing and the creation of souvenirs.

Prior to studying at the RCA, Ned completed his Part 1 at Oxford Brookes University, where he won prizes for creativity in sustainable design and was published in Blueprint Magazine's Best Student Projects of 2010.

Ned's previous practical work was with ecclesiastical and historic buildings where he learned to design within sensitive contexts and took inspiration from grand public spaces and intimate private rooms.

With a love of intricate illustration and skills within digital culture, Ned developed a style of 'Hand Drawing' on CAD software during his time at the RCA. Inspired by natural forms and children's stories, his designs are full of delight and drama.