Yuezai Chen

Yuezai Chen

Architectural Designer

Yuezai Chen grew up in an artistic atmosphere, and has fallen in love with all things creative. He graduated from the Architecture School of China, Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2010. For his final project he designed a mixed use floating building beside the river which combines local history and contemporary life.

After graduation he travelled around the world to explore and form his architectural perspective, and worked as architectural designer and artist in Beijing and Chongqing. He believes that architecture is an artform.

Yuezai is a proficient draftsman, modeller and digital designer, he joined aLL Design in 2013 and is delighted with their philosophy - where the practice of architecture and art have equal weight and creativity and an imaginitive approach are encouraged.

Yuezai is a passionate and optimistic man who believes that architecture encompasses both professional and contemporary culture and will ultimately make life better.